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Friday, July 07, 2006

Just follow the law.

It is illegal under ALL circumstances--without exception, to wiretap inside the U.S. without a court order/warrant.

But, to accommodate the Govt's need to protect the U.S. from terrorism, the FISA Court was set up in the 1970's to give the spy agencies and the president the ability to wiretap AND THEN LATER (retroactively) get the court order to do so.

Well, Bush has decided that he can wiretap and NEVER have to ask the FISA court, even retroactively, for permission to wiretap.

THIS is how he broke U.S. law and violated the Constitution of the U.S.
All Bush had to do to NOT break the law was to ask FISA, afterwards, if he could do what he already did.

That was FOUR years ago. He still has not asked FISA for all the wiretaps he has ordered, and he has stated that he doesn't have to because, "he's the president."

Sorry, but even the president--especially the president is not ever, ever allowed to do whatever he wants. Plain and simple. Black and White. There is no Gray.


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