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Friday, August 01, 2008

Bush Declares Masturbation & Condoms Abortion

On page 17 of a secret memo from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is a new definition of Abortion that the Bush Administration is secretly trying to push. Bush's new definition of abortion is "ANY prescription of drugs or any procedure that terminates human life between conception and natural birth, whether before of after implantation."

This new definition makes birth control pills, IUDs, the "morning after pill," and (in my opinion) masturbation and condoms acts of abortion. This is very critical because there are already certain state and federal restrictions on abortion. This new definition seeks to expand the definition of abortion not by the procedure itself, but by the

Furthermore, the secret memo would deny federal money to any health care center that tries to punish or reprimand health care professionals who refuse to offer abortion services or even birth control prescriptions. The new proposal also has a section that would allow insurance companies to stop paying for all contraceptives if they wish.
What insurance wouldn’t take up the offer to reduce expenditures!

Federal regulations don't need approval from Congress, but your Representative and S enator can call on the Bush Administration to change course.
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