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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Democracy in America is Officially Dead

"We know from survey results that two-thirds of people in the United States cannot even name all three branches of the national government"--Supreme Court Justice David Souter

A wise man once noted that a Democracy can survive only if the voting population is well informed of the facts and issues. Well, I am sorry to say, Democracy in America is Officially Dead.

According to the Web site ThinkProgress, a New poll finds that a sickening 39 percent of Americans want government to ‘stay out of Medicare.’

The rest of the article paints an even bleaker picture of the sad state of the ability of Americans to participate in their own political system.

As ThinkProgress has noted before, conservatives have frequently obscured the fact that Medicare is a government-run single-payer program. Constituents appearing at health care town halls have even demanded that their members of Congress keep their “government hands off of Medicare.” Now, a new Public Policy Polling poll finds that millions of Americans do not realize that the federal government runs Medicare:

One poll question indicative of how difficult it is to gain public understanding on a complicated issue asked if respondents thought the government should ‘stay out of Medicare,’ something inherently impossible. 39% said yes.

The poll also shows that an additional 15% of respondents were “not sure” if the government should be involved in Medicare. Only 46% of respondents disagreed with the proposition that the government should stay out of the government-run program.

Update The poll also finds that only 62 percent of respondents believe that President Obama was born in America. Of the 38 percent who either don't believe or are unsure, some think he was born in Indonesia, Kenya, the Philippines, or France. Six percent of the total poll respondents also don't think Hawaii is a U.S. state.

If you don't know that Medicare IS a government run program, I am sorry, but you should not be allowed to express an opinion because your opinion is based on a faulty brain. I say a faulty brain because any person, if they are not sure, can do 30 seconds of research and determine that Medicare IS a government run program.

With poll results like those above, it is obvious to me that we are witnessing the decline of the American Empire. Next stop, The United States of Idiots.

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