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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

On the Run Part II

The search for $23bn in Iraq reconstruction money has led to, among other places, a house in west London where Hazem Shalaan lived until he was appointed to the new Iraqi government as minister of defence in 2004.
He and his associates siphoned an estimated $1.2bn out of the ministry. They bought
old military equipment from Poland but claimed prices for top-class weapons.
Meanwhile they diverted money into their own accounts.

Judge Radhi al-Radhi of Iraq's Commission for Public Integrity investigated.
He said: "I believe these people are criminals.
"They failed to rebuild the Ministry of Defence, and as a result the violence and the bloodshed went on and on - the murder of Iraqis and foreigners continues and they bear responsibility."

Mr Shalaan was sentenced to two jail terms but he fled the country.
He said he was innocent and that it was all a plot against him by pro-Iranian MPs in the government.

There is an Interpol arrest warrant out for him but he is on the run - using a private jet to move around the globe. He stills owns commercial properties in the Marble Arch area of London.

I wonder if Hazem Shalaan's private jet is parked outside Dick Cheney's place right now?


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