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Thursday, October 19, 2006

An open letter of warning

This is an open letter of warning to those who really care about the United States of America and all the men and women who have fought and died for her ideals.

The Republican strategy for the midterms doesn't focus on the issues. The Republican Strategy is to not only confuse, deter, and outright eliminate voters but to also reduce resources such as paper and provisional ballots. Republicans cannot win on the issues and they know from experience that controlling the voting process and the vote counting is a guaranteed way to win elections.

We must get as many people as we can to vote early and to use paper ballots.

As the Supreme Court (in)famously decided in the 2000 election, you have the right as an American to vote, but you do not have the right for that vote to be counted. Let's take that to heart in this extremely important election cycle.

A Zogby poll revealed that 92% of Americans, spanning every party and democraphic group, believe that the public has the right to view and verify the counting of votes.

Secure, fair, and unalterable voting has become particularly important because of the use of electronic voting systems, which employ secret, proprietary code, do not allow public inspection, and fail to issue a receipt. Even your ATM machine gives you a receipt.

After the primary in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, it was found that 15% of paper ballot records did not match the touch-screen electronic counts. CNN correspondent Kitty Pilgrim called that election "a debacle."
I call it the greatest threat to Democracy the world has ever seen.

Get it out there. Call. Write. Talk. Inform. VOTEĀ©


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