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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Getting to Know the Real Sarah Palin

So Sarah Palin is a Washington Lobbyist-hating, earmark-declining, lipstick-wearing hockey mom?

Are we sure?

As someone famously said “You are entitled to your own Opinions but you are not entitled to your own Facts”. And the facts are that from 1996 to 2002 as Mayor of Wasilla (population about 6,000 and, according to the 2000 Census, 84.56% white) Palin aggressively sought earmarks for Wasilla, going so far as to hire big-time Washington LOBBYISTS to squeeze as much taxpayer money out of Washington as possible. Palin and her hired Lobbyists were so good that they managed to get $600,000 for a bus facility, $1.75 Million for dispatch center equipment, $2.4 Million for water and sewer facilities, and much, much more.

According to Taxpayer’s for Common Sense, in Palin’s last 4 years as Mayor she netted the 6,000 residents of Wasilla a whopping $27 million in earmarks! That $27 million in earmarks includes the money for the Bridge to Nowhere which Palin backed when she was running for governor in 2006, before Palin was against it in 2007 after wasteful spending watchdog groups attacked it! But here’s the kicker--Palin KEPT the money for the Bridge to Nowhere.

This year Alaska had more requests for earmarks per person than any other state. The fact is that Palin asked for $256 Million in earmarks her first year in office and for $195 Million her second year.

Because Palin has such an anemic public service record and she refuses to be interviewed and answer in-depth question, in order to know what she truly stands for we can rely only on her actual past actions rather than her future promises and hype.

Oh, and while Palin was Mayor of Wasilla she forced the rape victims to pay for their own rape kits, which cost as much as $1,000 each. For years, Alaska has had the worst record of any state in rape and in murder of women by men. The rape rate in Alaska is 2.5 times the national average. That's compassionate covservatism!


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