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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Now That's Cheesy!

So if a political candidate is at a photo-op event in public (say a cheese steak shop in Philly) and one of the guys in line to get his cheese steak asks Palin "What about the Pakistan situation? What's going' on over there. And Waziristan?" and Palin can only spit out "We're all together to, uh, stop the bad guys from coming in. And Waziristan, yeah, things are, uh the economy is blowin' up over there" this is, according to both McCain and Palin, "Gotcha Journalism."


So now the general public (which has no prior knowledge that Palin would be there) are "gotcha journalists" trying to trip her up.

Palin knows less about world affairs than some random schmuck ordering a cheese steak and we are expected to believe she is a viable candidate?
President Palin. America is lost. God save us.


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