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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lose Your Home, Lose Your Vote

If you are one of the 5 million Americans in a home that is in foreclosure is it fair that you lose not only your home but also you Right to Vote? Well if you fall for lies and dirty tactics you will lose both.

You have been kicked around enough already. Know your Voting Rights and don’t let dirty and illegal tricks at polling places this November keep you from electing the people who can help you recover and punish those who have caused your suffering.

According to Former Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Donald L. Fowler, a member of the board of advisors, "You don't lose your right to vote when you lose your home. I have been studying and fighting Republican voter suppression tactics for 30 years now and, no matter what the GOP is saying today to the news media, the truth is that they won't be able to resist using a combination of fake stories, targeted mailings, physical intimidation and other sleazy tactics to discourage the maximum number of home foreclosure victims from voting."

4 VOTING RIGHTS TIPS FOR HOME FORECLOSURE VICTIMS is emphasizing four things every American going through foreclosure needs to know about their vote:

1) Voting is an inalienable right that you can't lose due to an inability to meet mortgage payments. If any Republican tries to tell you differently, don't listen to him or her!

2) If you are in the foreclosure process -- but still living in your home -- you still vote where you live. The foreclosure process itself does not bear on your right to vote or where you exercise that right.

3) If you are forced to move due to foreclosure before the voting registration deadline, you should re-register at your new home location. Go to to find your states rules on voter registration.

4) If you move due to foreclosure after the voting registration deadline -- but before the election -- go to vote where you were last registered to vote. Keep in mind the following: You have the right to vote by signing an affirmation (or similar form) if your right to vote is challenged for any reason; and if your name isn't on the registered voter list, you have the right to vote by provisional ballot.

Disenfranchising millions and millions and millions of legal voters is as unAmerican as cheating someone out of the American Dream of owning their own home.



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