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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The (unfortunate) Passing of The Torch

When asked by Katie Couric to tell us some of the magazines or newspapers that you read to shape your world view, Sarah Palin “Um all of them, any of them, that ,fth, have been in front of me all these years.”

That’s the type of non-answer that you would expect from either a polished politician trying to evade the question or from a person who doesn’t actually read the news. I am betting she doesn’t read the news. Palin was asked in 2006, way before she was the GOP VP nominee, (so it could not have been “Gotcha Journalism”) what she thought about the Surge in Iraq. Palin’s answer: I’ve heard bout it on the news but I don’t have much of an opinion about it. This was when Palin was the much vaunted Commander–In-Chief of the Alaska National Guard, her supposed Commander–In-Chief and Foreign Affairs experience!

I know exactly which newspapers and magazines I read, and do you know why? Because some news sources are more credible and are better than others. It matters not only that you do read at least some news, but it also matters that know the credibility of each one you do read. Does Palin read the National Enquirer or does she read the WSJ, or the NYT? Even she doesn’t know.

Palin just doesn’t know enough about the great big complicated world outside of Alaska to be VP, and possibly president. I know that a ton of people like her because she’s “one of them” but I must ask with all seriousness, do those same people think that they themselves are good enough to be VP, and possibly president?

You don't Impulse Buy the VP. Palin just isn't ready for the big leagues. Period.


Blogger Noisette said...

Hey you! Enjoying the blog. Palin is a joke. McCain is so screwed (I hope I hope I hope)

Love to you and Jord


12:21 PM


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