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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

U.S. Government Doctoring Photos Again

The U.S. military claims that it has conclusive "proof" that Iran is supplying explosives used in IED's. The proof that the military offers is a picture of C-4 blocks that look exactly like the standard US-military issue M-112 Demolotion Charges.

The U.S. military insists that these "Iranian" explosives are cunningly disgiused to look like US-military issue M-112 Demolotion Charges but that they are really Iranian because the charges contain tracable chemical additives that each country voluntaily puts in its explosives as a marker so that the country of origin can be traced back to in the event of use in terrorism.

Yes, that's right, the U.S. military is trying to get us to believe that the Iranian government is secretly supplying explsoves that are made to look exactly likeUS-military M-112 Demolotion Charges, but that Iran made the explsoves with the Iranian chemical tracers in them.

As Former CIA field officer Robert Baer explained to Time magazine in April:
In April 1983 an Iranian surrogate group blew up the American embassy in Beirut. Forensic investigators sifting through the rubble determined with a fair amount of certainty that the bomb maker had inserted explosives inside the firing chain, ensuring a "signature" was not left to tie the attack to Iran. Iran never claimed the attack, the suicide bomber was never named, and if it weren't for a still classified lucky break, we would have had no evidence the Iranians were behind it. It is unlikely in the intervening years Iran lost its touch. It certainly isn1t clumsy enough to leave serial numbers or factory markings on weapons going to the Sunni insurgency.

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